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More homeowners are incorporating smart devices into their homes to enable remote control and the ability to monitor household systems, signifying a potential area for growth in the remodeling industry, Boston Agent Magazine reports. While many new-construction homes include smart technology, there is also a desire for existing homes to be retrofitted with such technology.

Homeowners with high incomes and those under 45 are more likely to include smart technology into their home improvement projects, and 30% of people surveyed by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University were likely to install home automation products or features. Overall, people are more satisfied with their smart home devices, and half of homeowners are looking to install it in the next three years.

Some households would prefer to install features like security systems, motion-sensor lighting and cameras themselves over hiring a professional. In 2018, 52% of people wanted to take this route, an increase over the 43% who wanted to do so in 2015. Furthermore, 62% of people want devices they can control centrally from their computer or smartphone, as found by a Growth from Knowledge study.

Another survey found that 80% of Americans included smart home upgrades in renovations in 2017, unaffected by the price of features like climate control and security. Homeowners over 50 are also becoming interested in smart home tech as they age in their homes, and 51% of them already have some devices installed to enhance security, save energy and make day-to-day life easier.

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