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Xactware, a software solutions company specializing in professions involving estimating, launched a new app to help contractors and remodelers rapidly estimate jobs, according to a news release published in the Post-Bulletin. The app, XactRemodel Go, will allow remodelers and contractors to estimate jobs on-site using mobile devices, a practice Xactware says could "potentially win more bids."

"Accurately assessing the scope of a job is extremely critical, and contractors can lose work or leave money on the table when they aren't estimating effectively," said David Obert, Xactware's vice president of Property Solutions. "XactRemodel GO completely reimagines the estimating process by simplifying workflows and eliminating a lot of tedious work. It helps remodelers spend less time estimating and more time doing what they do best: turning homeowners' dreams into reality."

Xactware's comprehensive pricing database powers XactRemodel GO. This vast database provides localized, independently researched pricing updated monthly for more than 10,000 material, labor, and equipment items for neighborhoods across more than 400 North American pricing markets. This thoroughly vetted cost information can help contractors ensure their bids appropriately match the scope of proposed remodels.

According to the company, remodelers and contractors can send clients bids directly using the XactRemodel Go app. The app also allows remodelers to track the status of their estimates.

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