Boost performance and lower the noise of existing attic fans with the Solar Star Conversion Kit. “Run by the sun,” the Solar Star ventilator is powered by a 10-watt photovoltaic solar panel, and features a high-performance brushless motor and five-wing injection molded fan. Though it works continually to maintain low humidity and temperature levels, eliminate wintertime condensation, and keep attic heat from building up in the summer, the unit has no electrical hookup and no cost to operate. 888.765.2882.

Johns Manville.

Fiberglass construction means rigid EnviroAire duct boards fit together more securely, eliminating noise, popping, and leaks common in sheet-metal systems. The result is more consistent temperatures and higher energy efficiency, the maker says. Moreover, there is no formaldehyde in the binder used to manufacture the duct board, eliminating a source of formaldehyde emissions from the smokestack and in the home. On the interior, the blue EnviroCoate Reinforced Coating System features an antimicrobial treatment that protects the air stream surface against bacteria, mold, and fungal growth. 800.654.3103.


EcoVent continuous, tile-over ridge vent helps hot, moist air escape from the attic. Its low-profile design allows it to sit under a roof's hip and ridge tiles, making it less visible. The vent protects against rain, snow, and ice and comes in trimmable 20-foot-long by 10½ -inch wide rolls. Orders come with 100 stainless-steel roofing nails, which install through visible nail lines on the side of the product. 800.211.7170.

Heat Transfer.

The manufacturer says the Phoenix Solar water heater is the first of its kind to combine domestic hot-water storage with a 97% efficient gas-fired backup in one unit. In addition, the unit features side tappings in the jacket that permit auxiliary connections to a hydro-air system for space heating. Made from stainless steel, it incorporates a dedicated solar heat exchanger. 800.323.9651.

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