Question 2: What do you vow to do less of in 2009 and beyond, and why?

Tim Burch, Burch Builders Group

Tim Burch,  Burch Builders Group 
That’s a tough question! We seem to be doing a lot more in 2009 for the same results as previous years. Times are much different in today’s economy. All the matrices of your business much be monitored at all times: accounting, sales, production, business development, etc. Craig Durosko,  Sun Design Remodeling Specialists
Be less focused on the day to day.

Peter Feinmann,  Feinmann Inc.
Be less focused on growth and continue to refine our brand to maintain profitability at lower revenue levels. We started to make less money as we grew.

Dennis D. Gehman,  Gehman Custom Remodeling
Less finding work to keep people busy. Less in-house labor, more use of outside trade contractors

Alex Iosa,  Iosa Construction Corp.
We are in a "Darwinesque" type of marketplace: "survival of the fittest." Can you afford not to do anything less?

Paul Irwin,  Pattern Builders
I will seek to better control the types of projects I do in order to control the company's direction rather than letting many types of projects pull the nascent company in several different directions.

Chris Landis, Landis Construction

Chris Landis,  Landis Construction Corp.
Taking a steady lead stream for granted. John Murphy,  Murphy Bros. Designers & Remodelers
Less print ads — I beat my head against that tree long enough. Less make-up work for staff that we can’t keep productive.

Jane Regan,  HB Building and Design
I vow to spend less time doing accounting, billing, and other paperwork that should be done by someone much better at math! I’ve hired a part time bookkeeper to work with us to input estimates and sales orders into Quickbooks. It takes up so much of my time, and prevents me from being able to get designs done and delivered to the clients.

Alex Shekhtman,  Elite Remodeling
Less overhead is the key for me. I changed my company structure and switched to 100% subs.