Modernist architect Carl Strauss originally designed this mid-century style home in 1952. Its location in a wooded hillside ensured the residence was always private, with panoramic views of Cincinnati and the Ohio River that can be seen as soon as you enter the front door. Unfortunately, the house became the victim of 60 years of exposure to Cincinnati weather, an insensitive addition, and poorly executed renovations. 

To accomplish the homeowner’s goals of replacing a flawed glass addition and creating a modern, open kitchen, architect Rob Busch focused largely on celebrating the home’s original design. The renovation team removed the vertical and horizontal mullions from the glass wall in the main living space, increased natural light by rebuilding and extending the roof lantern, and replaced that 1970s glass addition with a simple extension to the existing roofline.

In order to strengthen the house’s connection to the expansive outdoors, new interior stairs join the first floor and the redeveloped backyard. Finally, the pool was integrated into an outdoor living space that’s complete with an outdoor kitchen, spa, and fireplace. 

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