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Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

The turn of the calendar is time for a fresh start and clean slate. This is also true in interior design. Some trends that were popular in 2018 will not last into the new year and remodelers will have to be cognizant of the changing times. House Beautiful spoke with five interior designers about several trends that are being left in 2018 and what trends will emerge to replace them.

Bedroom Trends
Out: Bedroom Accent Walls
In: Textured Wallpaper All Around
A pop of loud color or bold wallpaper behind your headboard? Next. "Instead, try to elevate a space as a whole with a subtle textured wallpaper. It's enough to add pop, but with a better sense of cohesiveness that doesn't overdo it," explains designer Lauren Evans.

Kitchen Trends
Out: Mass Produced Cabinet Knobs
In: Handcrafted Leather Pulls
"With almost all the trends we're seeing in 2019, simplistic and minimal is no more. Instead, embellished, hand-crafted and maximalist are on the rise," says Jessica McCarty. She says she's especially seeing this in the kitchen space, and next year we'll be seeing a lot less subway tile and much, much more painted backsplashes. The same goes for hardware. The modern look of chrome, brass, and rose gold hardware will be replaced with leather pulls in different shapes and sizes," she says.

Out: One Color Palette
In: Color Curations
"For years, kitchens have been minimalistic and simple, clean, and almost clinical," says designer Tamara Honey. "This next year will bring a wave of more personalized kitchen designs, ones that feel collected and blend seamlessly with other living spaces in the home."

Out: Matching Metals
In: Mixing Metals
"A kitchen trend I'm ready to see out the door is match matchy metal finishes," says designer Max Humphrey "I know some designers insist on the faucet matching the hardware and the light fixture finishes and the barstools, but I like a mixed up look," he says.

Living Room Trends
Out: Plain Ceilings
In: Designed Ceilings
"Designers have begun to give attention and mindfulness to what is above us," says Honey. "For the new year we predict there will be an advancement in attention to detail, and not just through the living room but throughout the whole home."

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