Remodeling a room or home is always a challenge, especially in dealing with limited spaces or budgets. Here, we let you in on some simple yet trendy new techniques for uplifting old spaces.

1. Colored Grout: Grout supports the durability of tile, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens where there is high traffic and regular exposure to moisture. But don’t neglect the aesthetic significance of grout. For bold results that stand out and stand the test of time, go with a dark gray grout that contrasts the tile color. The dark color will serve as a backdrop to emphasize the tile, and homeowners will thank you down the road as the darker grout is much easier to keep clean.

2. Charging Solutions: Nothing says “updated” like cool new tech. Exciting technology in mobile charging allows you to bring a welcome added convenience to the highest trafficked areas in the home. Upgrade old outlets with USB combo receptacles that allow easy connectivity to charge the whole family’s smart devices. Deliver the latest and greatest with new in-wall wireless mobile charging docks which let you charge without having to hook up or plug in - simply place your phone to power up.

3. Pendant Lighting: Zone lighting is a big trend, especially in kitchens where good visibility in targeted areas is key. Pendant lighting illuminates counter space and also allows an opportunity for creativity with a vast array of decorative options. Opt for elegant chandelier pendants to add a vintage flair, but make sure the lighting is clean and bright. Pendant lighting also provides an opportunity to differentiate spaces and separate the room into different areas.

4. Floating Shelves: Storage is no longer about hiding things away. Use open spaces for displaying glasses and cookware on floating shelves that break up the monotony of uniform cabinetry. The openness gives homeowners an opportunity to display their collections, adding color and personality to spaces, along with easy accessibility.

Pro Bonus Tip: To display books or cookbooks in a uniform manner, wrap in white paper covers to give a more consistent finish to an eclectic collection.

5. Updated Appliances: Stainless is out! The newest trend in appliance finishes is black stainless steel, which is essentially stainless steel coated with a dark color and finished with a protective coating. Unlike traditional stainless, black stainless is smudge and fingerprint proof, as well as warmer and less industrial-looking compared to its silvery counterpart.

Pro Bonus Tip: Match your outlet and switch face plates with designer versions in the same or contrasting finishes as your appliances. New screwless versions are available in finishes ranging from French oak, black leather and forged bronze.

Be creative! The best spaces are original, thoughtful and functional. With a little effort and some elbow grease, your remodel will wow your clients as well as stand the test of time.

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