Although Joanna Gaines’ hit show Fixer Upper has come to an end, the queen of modern farmhouses is still giving tips on how to create a home that combines both residential necessities and country accents. In one of’s more recent articles, reporter Lisa Johnson Mandell shares how other industry professionals may incorporate Gaines’ tactics to achieve a "farmhouse feel."

  • Create a kitchen nook: In the same space where most designers would put a simple upper cabinet, Joanna has created an entire kitchen nook, with shelves, a vertical plate rack, and small drawers for recipes and cooking tools.
  • The next best thing to a window over the sink: Ideally, everyone likes to look out at some kind of view while washing dishes or preparing food at the sink. Unfortunately, that's not an option in every kitchen design. In this house, the sink faces a wall, so Joanna hangs a multipaned mirror over the sink. Not only does it reflect light and make the room appear bigger, but it also gives whoever is using the sink something interesting to look at (either their own cute mug or what's going on in the room behind them).
  • Don't overdo overhead: Laura, Joanna's assistant, suggests using beadboard on the ceiling to give the great room a little more interest, but Joanna decides against it.
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