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An app used for finding contractors, called Porch, recently surveyed 600 people in the U.S. and Europe to discover the differences in consumers’ preferences on home features and materials. The research found that although both Americans and Europeans love the idea of waterfront living and suburbs, the cultures also had some major differences. A quarter of Europeans want live in a greenbelt surrounded by nature, compared to only 9.9% of Americans. Plus, Americans prefer gated communities (23%) and cul-de-sacs (28%), while only 5.5% and 3% of Europeans prefer those inventions.

Americans also seem to like everything oversized: They prefer larger surfaces (4,982 square feet compared to Europeans’ ideal, 1,589 square feet), more bedrooms (four and three, respectively), more bathrooms (three and two), and a larger plot (10.6 acres versus just 0.9 for Europeans).

Materials are another interesting glimpse into both groups: Europeans lean toward wood roofs and stone walls, while Americans like brick and shingles. They agree on granite kitchen countertops, but Americans prefer tile floors to Europeans’ marble and stone floors. While everyone agrees that real wood flooring is ideal elsewhere, the runner-up for almost 30% Americans and just 11% of Europeans was carpeting.

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