First impressions matter with prospective employers and homebuyers. On the home front, the status of a property's curb appeal is what is going to generate a first impression.

Is your client’s home looking more like the Addams Family or the Brady Bunch abode? In either scenario, they’ve hired you for some serious remodeling help and it’s your job to boost the curb appeal.

Here are sevens ways you can help give your clients what the need:

Expand the Windows
Swapping out old windows for energy efficient, double-pane glass is an attractive selling feature—but you can't really tell from the curb if a window is saving energy. What you will notice are the window treatments that surround that glass and the size of the window. The style of home will dictate whether you go with shutters, a frame or even an awning. In areas that are prone to severe weather, storm shutters could be added—and they don't have to look like barricades.

As for the size, you can suggest your client consider expanding to a bay window. From the outside, bay windows open up the exterior and make it seem more inviting. From the inside, all that natural light will become a huge asset. Plus, there could be the opportunity to add a window bench, which is a nice added feature.

Once the exterior window treatments are refurbished, suggest ways to upgrade the interior counterparts. A stellar outdoor window treatment can be ruined by shabby blinds on the inside. Everything needs to work in harmony to create an inviting aesthetic.

Re-Imagine the Facade
A potential quick fix to drab and aged aluminum siding is to powerwash it clean. That might remove some of the grime, but that DIY version can't wash away a dated look. The last thing you want the homeowners to deal with are pieces of falling siding or a home with a leak from damaged siding.

This is where your expertise proves homeowners made the right decision in hiring you for the remodel. Replacing the siding on the home provides the opportunity to invigorate that home's overall color scheme and transform the facade of a house. Revamping the outside with other materials, such as stone or stucco, elevates and upgrades a home's look.

Replace a Garage Door
Going from a dull metal roll-up to a striking wooden door can be a real eye-catcher. Convincing your clients to replace the old garage door is a terrific way to make a bold statement on a home. A new garage door will set the tone for the entire facade facelift. You might want to consider starting with the garage and building out from there. On more modern style homes, aluminum and frosted glass options perfectly fit in with a contemporary style. Pick the style that best works with your proposed vision and your client’s budget.

Makeover the Landscape
Planting flowers in front of home can provide a welcoming burst of color, but that might not cut it when the rest of the lawn is looking worn out. Remodeling often means a landscaping overhaul. This means tearing up the old walkways and replacing them with pavers or cobblestone. And then transitioning them into the sidewalk, which might need some TLC and new concrete too.

If your client is willing to start from scratch, show them a few options. A water feature might be added. Or maybe they’re interested in a certain color scheme and want an oasis of color and vibrancy. Or maybe it’s all about ease of care. In arid climates, consider going for a drought-friendly approach.

Expand the Front Door and Foyer
Yes, it would be easy to repaint an old door or pop it off its hinges and swap it out with a new model. What would the front of the home look like if you take that front door in a whole new direction?

Consider expanding the opening to bring in a bigger door. Adding side window panels can further enhance the entranceway. A new front door could also lead the way to remodeling the foyer so that is it less "mud room" and more a "grand entrance." Let your clients see this vision brought to life, especially once combined with new elements like landscaping.

Add a Front Porch
Curb appeal is all about welcoming visitors. Nothing says, "Come on up and sit a spell" like an inviting front porch.

Most homes merely have stoops that serve as their entry point. But adding a front porch extends the living space of a home. It becomes a cozy, shady spot for neighbors to gather and kids to play. That’s the very definition of curb appeal.

Redo the Backyard
Just because you're making remodeling proposals for curb appeal doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to the front of a home.

A backyard can be your proverbial "blank canvas" on which to create an incredible living space and outdoor complement to the front of the home. If that water feature you mentioned for the front yard doesn’t come to fruition there, suggest your client move that party to the backyard. Or you could suggest an outdoor kitchen with pergola-covered dining area.

Even though most of us like to rush to the kitchen ad living rooms and open up that interior space, the design opportunities for a home's exterior are just limitless and exciting—and can benefit your client’s equity long after the remodel.