Residential Design for Aging in Place, a book by Michael Thomas and Drue Lawlor, offers an up-to-date resource for designers to aid them in enabling clients to remain in their homes as they age.

“Helping clients envision a space that is unlimited by its design and as such allows them to remain independent for as long as possible — this is one of the greatest services that we as design professionals can provide,” said Lawlor in a press release. “Often this is something that involves the entire family as so many clients these days are also helping to care for their own parents, as well as possibly their grandchildren.”

Thomas and Lawlor, who both have served on the American Society of Interior Designers Aging in Place Council, base their recommendations on first-hand experience designing residences for clients with limited mobility and diminishing eyesight. Topics include short-term and long-term care adaptations, working with physical and occupational therapists, and regulations. The book, published by John Wiley & Sons, is available for $75 at the online ASID Book Center, www.asid.org.

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