When you're winning renovations that average $1.5 million, you tend to work with architects in bidding scenarios. So getting their attention matters.

Kelly Wright, of Wright Brothers Builders in Westport, Conn., has discovered a way to pique architects' curiosity in his work while presenting his projects in high style.

In his presentation packet, Wright includes photographs of homes his $14-million company has renovated or built. They're printed on heavy-stock glossy paper, with a caption describing the project's scope. He also includes the project architect's name and credentials.

"There's curiosity among architects about what other architects are building, and that little bit of copy tells them that," Wright says. "We hope they see our high quality, eclectic mix of work. Our goal is to say we can build anything."

Wright sends packets to about seven architects each month based on names he acquires from clients, other architects, real estate agents, and building permits. "We typically get very positive feedback," he says. "Often, [the architects] know architects whose projects we've completed, and they can call and ask them what it was like working with us."

Wright feels photographs alone wouldn't have the same impact. Over 10 years, spending about $6,500 a year, he's amassed glossy sheets for 26 projects, produced for about $2,500 for each run of 1,000. Wright can now include projects in his presentation that are similar to just about any he bids on. And when he shares the sheets with homeowners, he feels they're as impressed as the architects are.