Congratulations to Sara Jorgensen, senior designer of Harrell Remodeling, for winning our first-ever contest for pet remodeling! While Jorgensen won for her catio, this cat-friendly patio was just a part of a whole-house remodel with more than one pet project.

The owners of this Los Gatos, Calif., home wanted their space to be comfortable and healthy for themselves and their four cats. “We try to be very collaborative with our clients,” Jorgensen said. She came up with a few design modifications just for the cats. 

Dean J. Birinyi
Dean J. Birinyi

The catio is a place where the cats can safely enjoy the outdoor area. Even though the house has other decks, this one is just for felines. Since the home is in the wooded hills of California, there are mountain lions and other predators that pose danger. Special pet mesh and scratch-resistant screens keep the cats in and the predators out. The screens are also motorized so that they can be raised when the cats aren’t outside, allowing the owners to enjoy the full view. Jorgensen says finding the cat-proof screens was the most challenging part of this project.

In addition to being a fun place for the cats to hang, the catio is also durable. The deck is made from Timbertech composite decking, cable rails add clean lines, and Redwood posts enhance aesthetics. To maximize their outdoor time, Jorgensen had levels added to the railings so that the cats can jump and explore. The fabric on the furniture is weather-resistant, which makes it harder for the cats to damage as well.

The entire house took four to six months to design and about a year of construction to complete. Here are some other areas in the house that were designed just for the cats. 

A laundry room litter tunnel allows the owners to keep the door shut without closing the cats off from their litter boxes. 

Dean J. Birinyi

Inside the laundry room, cutouts keep the litter boxes neatly hidden.

The master bathroom has a built-in niche designed as a hiding spot for the cats. 

"I had these wonderful clients who were so appreciative of everything we did, " Jorgensen said. "They could see we truly cared for the cats. We did really fun colors, too," she added.