After visiting Cersaie, an international exhibition of architectural ceramics and bathroom furnishings in Italy, Houzz’s Laura Molteni identified bathroom trends the industry has started to talk about and other innovations, such as new whirlpool bathtubs, that are responding to current homeowner needs and desires. Check out the 2019 predictions below.

1. Mix-and-Match Tiles
Why limit yourself to just one size and shade for your bathroom tiles? Now the imagination can run wild with wall finishes that can be combined in personalized designs. Companies are coming up with collections of tiles in different sizes and finishes. The designs and colors go well with one another and can be mixed and matched, leaving lots of room for designers’ creativity.

2. Stacked Tile Layouts
This year saw further experimentation with tile shape and size, but the classic subway rectangle, in several sizes, is still popular. Now we’re seeing it in a stacked vertical layout. Once considered just a technical necessity, grout lines today play a leading design role and are purposely enlarged to contrast with the tile color.

3. Asymmetrical Tiles
If you are in the mood for something different and find hexagonal tiles too static or mainstream, asymmetrical hexagonal tiles are a forward-thinking touch.

4. Thin Whirlpool Tubs
The bulky whirlpool bathtub is now fading into history, with new models that fit even into a small bathroom, thanks to innovative solid-surface materials that allow for thinner framing and more compact mechanisms. These tubs are also quieter, a feature that is not to be underestimated in a small space or an open en suite. What with freestanding and built-in tubs in oval and rectangular shapes, there’s a model to suit everyone’s needs.

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