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The days of matching metals used for lighting, cabinet hardware, and plumbing are over, according to numerous design experts. Mixed metals have been an emerging design trend and are increasing in popularity. More than four in ten renovators opted for mixed metals in bathroom renovations and over half of renovators opted for mixed metals in kitchen renovations, according to recent reports from Houzz. The Mohave Valley Daily News shares several tips from experts on capitalizing on the mixed metal design trend.

There’s a simple recipe for success: pick a dominant metal finish for the room and coordinate it with accent metals. Try for a 70/30 ratio.

To easily nail the look, consider starting with a significant fixture that’s already finished in a mixed metal combination. Then, match cabinet hardware, appliances, plumbing fixtures and accessories to one of the finish colors from the lighting fixture.

When selecting finishes, use contrasting tones. Warm metals such as brushed brass, antique bronze, and gold give a vibrant pop of color when mixed with cool metals like chrome, nickel and silver.

In bathrooms, blend lighting choices with metallic accessories like a metal-edged mirror, soap dispensers and wall hangings, for seamless style. Lighting finishes don’t have to match hardware, but remember to choose complementary, contrasting metal tones.

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