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Updating a warehouse, using green building techniques, to reflect the creativity of its occupants

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Project Info

Architect: David Thompson, Assembledge+, Los Angeles
Contractor: Eric Dobkin, Dobkin Construction, Los Angeles


  • Update a warehouse to reflect an apparel company’s creative culture

  • Add natural light

  • Use green techniques


An outdoor gear company wanted to update this 1950s building while retaining its raw, industrial feel. Designer David Thompson created open, airy spaces using simple materials.

The 9,500-square-foot building has a new white foam roof that reflects 80% of the sun’s rays. The roofing allowed Thompson to expose and highlight the wooden bow truss ceiling, which had been covered on the interior by foil insulation.

The new operable windows on the building’s south side admit natural light but presented a heat-gain issue, so Thompson added a dual-purpose canopy that provides shade and solar power for the structure.

Judges’ Comments

The judges praised how the designer “reused all the good things” from the existing structure but also cleverly used modern features to create a great working space.

Products Used

Entry door: custom (aluminum)

Flooring: existing concrete

Interior doors: custom

Siding: painted concrete

Windows: Fleetwood