Just as homeowners who are thinking about remodeling often tour new model homes looking for ideas, remodelers who want to keep one step ahead of their clients can benefit from following new-home design trends.

Percentages refer to the number of respondents.
Anders Wenngren Percentages refer to the number of respondents.

A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) identified a preference among new-home buyers for high-quality features over more space. Among the findings are a preference for 9-foot ceilings and laundry rooms near the bedroom for young buyers (older buyers prefer it near the kitchen). And the seemingly unending expansion of the master bathroom appears to be slowing: Given the choice, 69% of respondents preferred more space in the master bedroom over more space in the master bath.

If new-home trends predict remodeling trends, look for high-end clients to start asking for what builders call “flex” or “bonus” rooms. According to the NAHB report, these are large rooms — as much as 1,000 square feet — that are typically built over the garage. They include a full bath and are used as guest rooms, home offices, or media rooms.