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The market for kitchen and bath projects has been strong in 2019, and projections for 2020 are largely bullish. With demand likely to remain strong and activity in the market to remain steady, Kitchen & Bath Design News pooled responses from industry experts to highlight predictions for the 2020 kitchen and bath market.

One of the major trends noted by all of the pros was the increase in technology. This is showing up in two distinct ways, says smart home presenter Scott Koehler. One is how it can be used by the industry itself to make its work easier. The other is how it can be used by consumers. “The thing I am most excited about right now is augmented reality,” he shares. “AR gives designers the ability to mix the real world and the virtual world into one experience. I think this will upset the status quo for kitchen and bath design dramatically, even more than CAD software did in the ’80s,” he predicts.

On the consumer side, “The most talked-about things in my presentations this year are connected appliances, smart speakers and personal data privacy,” Koehler notes. He sees the latter as one reason why some consumers are hesitating; another is finding a real benefit for them. He’s optimistic, though: “Good use cases are coming for smart kitchen tech. Look for things that can learn – like appliances being able to learn your preferences and habits.”

Kate Bailey, director of showrooms for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, is seeing color show up in kitchens too. “Last year, the trend shifted to more customization; the ability to change the sink’s color and material according to the design for total customization appealed to homeowners.” She sees that continuing into 2020. “In 2019, homeowners began to adventure into new finishes like rose gold and warm brass. Although these are finishes that have been on the market for a while, they are just warming up now! In 2020, we’ll see matte black also more widely adopted,” she predicts.

NKBA surveyed designers for their wish lists, which included the following:

  • Designers also want to see more cabinet color and stain options, as well as new types of materials and finishes that can be used for doors and drawer fronts.
  • Color, color and more color are on designers’ minds when it comes to countertops. Designers want to see more bold and saturated color options. Designers also want more integration of metallic, glass, lighting and technology integration into countertops.
  • More prep sinks, a wider range of materials/finishes and the need for more anti-microbial and dirt-resistant finishes are tops on the list for designers when talking about kitchen sinks. Designers also want to see workstation sinks in more sizes.
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