Justin Krug

Your client may be hesitant to contract an upgrade at the end of summer, but it’s still not too late to renovate before the cold sets in.

If a family is looking to sell their house and get settled before the school year starts, there are still upgrade options. If a couple wants to fix up their starter home before moving on to a bigger one, there’s still plenty of time to make the right changes. Whether your client is looking to move or simply wants a few upgrades around the home, the end of summer is the perfect time to get it done.

Replace the Garage Door
Replacing the garage door is the perfect place to start, especially since it’s a top five remodeling project that will get the client’s home the biggest return on investment at resale. Clients can expect a 91.5% ROI off the cost of replacing the garage door.

The garage door boosts curb appeal and will brighten up a home that looks uninviting from a distance. For robbers who like to invite themselves into homes without permission, replacing the garage door is an added measure of protection. During the winter and summer months, the replacement garage door adds insulation to save your clients money on energy bills.

Replace the Front Door
It’s obvious that replacing the home's front door improves curb appeal, as the initial focal point, but a client often struggles with when to replace it. If the front door is letting the weather in, rather than keep it out, it’s time to replace it.

The new door will improve the insulation and shut out ill weather, especially with weather-stripping systems in place. The end of the summer season is the perfect time to change that front door out, and clients may earn a tax break on qualifying products for energy-efficiency, including front doors and windows. Clients should check with their tax preparer for more information.

Color is also important when replacing the front door. Natural or reclaimed wood adds instant warmth, but red or yellow is also cheery and eye-catching.

Improve Outdoor Spaces
Improving outdoor spaces is a simple end of summer renovation that adds extra entertainment area and provides a sanctuary to relax in once completed. Whether your client plans to sell their home or wants to impress guests for a big end of summer cookout, a backyard renovation offers a canvas to build gardens, a perfect patio, or spiraling labyrinth.

Simple things your clients can do to improve their home’s value include:

  • Emerald Grass: A happy, thriving green lawn is attractive and dresses the home to impress. Clients should have an outdoor maintenance routine, with edging, mowing, fertilizing, watering, and aerating.
  • Winding walkway: Are the bricks coming up in the walkway, or does your client need a safer and sturdier surface for when grandma comes to visit? A new walkway is also beneficial when icy nights occur in the winter, helping to prevent unfortunate falls.

One creative idea is to collect old mismatched plates and pottery and break those down to be placed into cement stepping stone molds. These will be set into the ground to create an unique walkway to lead up to the front door or around the garden at the back of a new patio. Small herbs may be planted between the steps for extra whimsy.

These small changes give a major face lift to the home while providing excellent returns on investment. Sometimes, the best changes are small ones, carefully investing in the beauty and maintenance of the home will make a house a real home.