Architect Carly Coulson has designed a tiny home that's a triple threat. The Disappear Retreat aims for "triple-zero living" – zero energy, zero waste, zero water, says New Atlas writer Rich Haridy. The design is also based around the idea of "invisible sustainability," where sustainable design principles are incorporated into an aesthetic that is rigorously minimal.

The Disappear Retreat is an impressively conceived prefab, off-grid dwelling with a footprint of just 83 square feet. The entire design is centered on maximizing sustainable features and reducing energy consumption, which is aided by glass walls that are triple pane insulated with a strong R-value of 32. On the outside they are reflective, acting like giant mirrors so the entire unit disappears into its landscape. The structure is air-tight and meets many Passive House standards from around the world. No mechanical heating or cooling is reportedly needed and any other small energy demands are supplied by a photovoltaic system on one of its glass walls. Rainwater can be captured off the roof of an accompanying Shed unit.

Three models are currently up for preorder, each externally identical but with different interior configurations. The Bed+Bath is clearly the most contained, livable design with built-in bed, bathroom and cook space. The Basic model is a more flexible open-plan iteration, while a Sauna model has built-in wooden benches and sauna systems.

The proposed price is currently between US$25,000 and $45,000, with delivery expected in 2019.

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