[This article has been updated to include the latest company's to name their color of the year. ] There is no single paint color of the year. Each of the paint companies celebrates, well in advance of the coming year, a color it thinks will be the best anchor to a palette of colors that will be popular for home projects in the coming year.

Valspar: Renew Blue
Courtesy Valspar Valspar: Renew Blue

These are the 2024 colors of the year from most of the big U.S. paint companies we know so far:

  • Benjamin Moore, the most recent paint maker to name its 2024 color of the year has company has selected Blue Nova as its Color, a blend of blue and violet in the mid-tone range that "balances depth and intrigue with classic appeal and reassurance."
  • Valspar's Renew Blue has a distinctly retro feel, leaning in the blue-green-aqua direction.
  • Minwax Company, which has been owned by a Sherwin-Williams since 1996, also went in the blue-green direction with Bay Blue - a darker shade the paint maker says is at "the intersection of contemporary and classic."
  • Glidden's Limitless by PPG has a similarly retro feel, yet going down a yellow-beige-honey track.
  • Sherwin-Williams unveiled Upward as it's 2024 color of the year. The "relaxed blue hue" is an anchor to the four color families the company has projected will be distinctive trend setters for 2024. In addition, S-W has name Persimmon - a retro pink with a decidedly terra-cotta feel - for its HGTVHome color of year.
Behr: Cracked Pepper
Courtesy Behr Behr: Cracked Pepper
  • Behr has elected Cracked Pepper, a "soft black," as it's top color for 2024.
  • Dutchboy, another Sherwin-Williams company, went in a similar dark direction with Ironside - a deep olive gray, which the company has positioned as the anchor to a palette of earth tones that now we can safely say has a decidedly 2024 look-and-feel.
  • Stainmaster from Lowes is the latest to intorduce it's 2024 color of the year with English Green awhich it describes as a calming, soothing tone that harmonizes with warm terracotta, luxurious gold, sweet caramel, and cool shades of blue, plum, and gray.
Courtesy Lowe's/STAINMASTER Stainmaster: English Green