Sometimes, a home needs more than a trimming of the lawn to look its best. Eyesores like uneven walkways and out-of-date, dilapidated patios often need the attention of a remodeler.

Spring and summer weather welcomes renovations that improve upon a home’s visual appeal, and the projects can range from small to extensive. Your clients will be looking at their yard with a new perspective and looking to you to help them decide upon the right renovations to create a charming and welcoming environment.

New Walkways
A new walkway to a home is like an artist painting a sweeping brushstroke across a bare canvas. There are many walkway designs for the homeowner to choose from, from brick to concrete.

Alternate contrasting tones of brick around garden beds to add warmth and interest leading up to the front and back doors. Stepping stones are simple and classic when placed over grass, lending a charming and old world feel to a home’s aesthetic, especially if it’s tucked away in the woods. Concrete can also be stamped to resemble many kinds of stone and help the client save money.

Improved Landscaping
The client will also want to consider landscaping designs to go with any other outdoor projects, in order to visually balance additions to the home’s exterior. This is especially true when it comes to larger renovations. If there’s a winding walkway without beautiful landscaping, then why bother to walk down that path and enjoy it?

Many popular landscaping trends offer eye-catching designs and plants with pleasing scents to welcome guests at the front door. Lavender lining a brick walkway is perfect to section off an herbal garden. Let thyme sprout up between stepping stones. Climbing vines, such as jasmine or moonflower, beautifully drape gazebos, archways, and patios.

Updated Patios
Patios are a tricky renovation to judge, because just when they appear to be simple on the surface, they fool you with a hidden challenge. Where possible, update the existing patio to something more modern and structurally sound, saving time and money for the client.

Modern doesn’t mean spreading out a concrete base and calling it a day. Does the client host barbecues or dinner parties? Does the family sit out with a glass of wine or tea and look up at the stars? What will the patio be used for?

Patio trends are hard to choose from as styles shift, but the key is to help the client pick a patio design that fits with their personal style. A walkway leading out to a tented patio area creates a feeling of escape and an extension of the home, with a sense of “glamping.” An oasis design will make the client feel like they have traveled elsewhere.

Smaller patios may have efficient layouts and use potted plants and earth tones for coziness. Concrete may be used sparingly. However, it’s a good idea to switch out concrete and asphalt with pavers, which won’t make homeowners feel like they’re being roasted in the summer. Larger patios are perfect for grilling aficionados to build their own outdoor kitchen, complete with a fire pit to toast s’mores.

Exterior Accents
Sprucing up the home with a few exterior home projects will make it look like new again, boosting the curb appeal.

The front door is especially important as a statement of welcome, bidding guests to enter into a place of comfort and warmth. Many homeowners try to make their door the biggest and most intricate one on the block, thinking it will boost the home’s value, but the opposite is actually the case. Help the client keep the look of the front door in line with the style of the home, focusing on trends of minimalism and energy efficiency.

Exterior home projects are among the most diverse of jobs during the warmer season. Adding ramps and refurbishing access points for the elderly or disabled may be requested. Siding and rooftops will be replaced. A large yard may beg for a gazebo at its center.

Start with solving the client’s major pain point when it comes to the home’s exterior. Remind them that many outdoor renovations don’t have to be complicated or bust their budget to increase visual appeal. Simple projects like new stepping stones or replacing the front door are easy and pleasing places to start with an exterior renovation to radiate a home’s personality throughout the neighborhood.