Honorable Mention: Neat Solution

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This award-winning design succeeds in providing additional space and light in this 1970s home.

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Honorable Mention: Neat Solution
Location: McLean, Va.
Contractor: J.L. Albrittain, J.L. Albrittain Inc., Arlington, Va.
Designer: Randall Mars, AIA, Randall Mars Architects, McLean
Interior designer: Dolly Howarth, Howarth Design, Arlington, Va.

Challenge: To increase the space and light in this sturdily built but tired 1970s home while adding little to the footprint.

Solution: Architect Randall Mars removed existing dark cherry paneling and sent it off-site to be reused. He knocked down walls and installed large windows. The master bedroom was reduced in size, eliminating a separate room with a water closet. The resulting area is more spacious and efficient. Eaves overhangs were increased, passively controlling heat gain. The only added square footage is a small breakfast room that brings fresh air and natural light into the kitchen. Now the homeowner has access to the lush yard, which was one of the main reasons she bought the property. Judges said: “Our favorite part is the front entrance where the designers deleted the solid wall and replaced it with a transparent wall. The light catches in the dining room in the center of the house.” “The project has nice composition and is well-proportioned.”

--Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING.