Rendering: RM Design Studio

The 2013 version of the Home for Life (HFL) website premieres in July with new features that will help you and your customers create projects loaded with ways to make homes healthier, more durable, and ready to adapt to the occupants’ changing needs.

At the core is a virtual tour that transforms a suburban single-family house into a convenient, energy-efficient, low-maintenance home for an active baby-boomer couple. Case Design/Remodeling, of Bethesda, Md., updated the home design.

This year’s HFL expands on 2012’s version by adding several enhancements that make it easier to explore the design elements and products in the home. These include:

• Narrated audio in selected rooms.

• More and better views of the rooms.

• The ability to zoom in for a closer look at certain parts of the home.

• An increased number of products, including no-VOC paint, easy-to-move replacement casement windows, a low-threshold sliding door sill, a low-maintenance gutter-protection system, and an energy-efficient radiant heating system.

Along with the virtual residence, HFL 2013 also will feature content about universal design and energy-efficient design. Some of it will be selected from REMODELING’s files, such as our June cover feature, “Design It Forward,” while other insights will come from AARP, the Ronald L. Mace Universal Design Institute, and the Department of Energy, among others.

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