Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions.
Photo: Scott Regan Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions.

Helping homeowners realize their vision for their remodel can be challenging. As their guide for making decisions, you may find your clients relying on your recommendations to suggest materials and designs. While their remodeling decisions are ultimately theirs to make, you play a pivotal role in the process.

One choice you can help your clients make involves color. With an understanding of how to choose color, you can provide a helpful framework to work through together—and provide the products they’ll need to bring that vision to life.

Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions.
Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions.

Thinking in Sets of Three

To introduce thinking about colors for their home, you can guide your clients through the color set system. Remind them that they don’t have to choose a single color; instead, choosing three colors will give their home a cohesive look and feel.

The main exterior color is the most striking element on the home, so it should complement the roof color and the home’s overall style. Next, pair that color with an accent color for gables and other architectural details. Finally, tie it all together with a contrasting trim color. The trim color doesn’t have to be white—you can encourage your clients to think outside the box. When it comes to color combinations, it can also be helpful to browse online for inspiration.

Don’t Forget the Roof

Your clients may not think about their roof when thinking of their home’s exterior color, but it’s a crucial part of the decision. Some color sets can work with various roof colors, but the color of the roof may impact the homeowner’s decisions.

For example, cooler colors (blues, grays and whites) may work better with black roofs, while warmer colors (reds, creams and tans) complement brown roofs. Be sure to encourage your clients to look at their color sets in context of their roof color to ensure a look that works for all of their home.

Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions.
Photo: Wes Butler Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions.

Bringing It All Together

After you’ve helped your client land on their dream remodel, it’s time to provide the products that will help them achieve that vision. It’s important to find products that offer a wide variety of color options to fit every style—without compromising the other requirements your clients may be interested in, such as durability, textures, and other details.

No matter what trends and styles may be popular, you can help your clients land on a look for their home remodel that will make them happy they chose it—and happy they chose you as their remodeler.

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