Corson Hirschfeld

“The first thing that makes this [structure] spectacular is its integration on a very austere, contemporary building — integrating space almost effortlessly and tying it into the existing elements in a strong, effective way,” said the judges of this 221-square-foot addition.

The architects followed the lines of the existing home, lifting the addition on columns and aligning the new bedroom with the former bedroom, creating a master suite. The seamless transition between the existing house and the addition gives the space elegant proportions, and, said the judges, “the cantilevered balcony ends the house quite well.”

Corson Hirschfeld

What could have been a bland box has a “playful interior” with a vaulted ceiling that “makes for a nice, airy space.”

The architects say they wanted to take “full poetic advantage” of the site for what was “a typically pragmatic master bedroom.” So they incorporated large window walls that fold open to allow the custom bed to track out onto the elevated terrace. (“Austin Powers would love it,” quipped one judge.) Indeed, the sleeping porch pays more than lip service to bringing the outdoors in.

Beneath the addition is a terrace that provides shade for users of the pool and bocce ball court nearby.

Category: Additions, under $100,000
Location: Cincinnati
Contractor: Pat McGoff, Pat McGoff Construction, Terrace Park, Ohio
Designer: John Senhauser Architects, Cincinnati