Anice Hoachlander/Hoachlander Davis Photography

The design team that took on this bungalow project had their work cut out for them. The 1920s house had been updated with a large addition in the 1980s, and the owners now wanted another. The challenge for the architects was to balance the new space carefully with both the original house and the '80s addition.

Architects Anthony Barnes and Daniel Porter took on the project and, the judges say, came up with a solution that is exactly right. “All of us are given projects like this where the homeowner wants something twice the size,” said one judge. “[Here] the designer added room without changing scale and kept everything in the same context.”

The architects reconfigured the first floor to make room for an open family room, create a grand entry, and carve out space for a butler's pantry. But they added most of the 1,164 square feet of new space to the second floor to create additional bedrooms and bathrooms. On the interior and exterior, the architects took their cue from the home's original Arts and Crafts style, incorporating inside such elements as columns, built-in bookcases, and stained glass. Outside, Barnes and Porter used porch columns, eaves details, brackets, and a new chimney designed to look as though it was built in 1920.

Anice Hoachlander/Hoachlander Davis Photography

The homeowners also were able to fulfill their desire for a larger entry porch and a new back porch. “We like how the interior and exterior communicate with each other,” the judges noted.

Category: Old-house renovation, over $300,000
Location: Alexandria, Va..
Contractor: Tom Rust, The Rust Construction Co., Alexandria
Designers: Anthony Barnes and Daniel Porter, Barnes Vanze Architects, Washington, D.C.
Interior Designer: Marilyn Calderwood, Marilyn Calderwood Interiors, Alexandria