Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock
Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

Consider using glass when trying to reinvent the look and feel of a home on a remodeling, the Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) suggests. In an article for the Houston Chronicle, the GHBA details numerous ways homeowners can use glass in the home to re-imagine spaces. However, their tips and suggestions also should be heeded by remodelers and the versatility of glass can be an asset to any remodeling job.

Glass can be used as the focal point of modern bathrooms, where openness, fluidity, and flow are paramount. Frameless glass shower doors can create a more open contemporary space and there are many texture and pattern options to make the contemporary choice feel unique. The GHBA details several other was glass can be used to transform the home.

Adding glass to kitchen areas creates a modern, sleek look. Glass countertops for islands are functional, beautiful, and stain resistant.

Another trend in home design is using glass or mirrored glass walls/dividers between a bedroom and bathroom. This creates an illusion of more space.

Glass on stair treads or stairwells opens up the area and provides and unobtrusive yet protective element.

Using textured or patterned glass for windows or doors can really set a room’s mood. For example; rain glass windows in a bathroom are modern, yet earthy. It looks as if rain is pouring down and achieves a spa-like feel.

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