A return to nature, calm, beauty, and nostalgia underscore the latest color trend report from Dunn-Edwards Paints. The report, Simply Enlightenment 2014, looks at key colors and design trends for next year, and how social, cultural, and demographic changes influence the trends.

"As we continue to experience a period of Renaissance, noted in our 2013 trend report, we are beginning to see a new age of enlightenment; a rebirth of the age of reason," says Sara McLean, color expert and blogger at Specs+Spaces. "Using science and technology in new, inspiring ways is helping to reshape the American lifestyle, promote intellectual revelations, and reject the old ideas."

Dunn-Edwards 2014 Color Trends Forecast

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Natural tones, vintage colors, and global influences comprise four color palettes in the Simply Enlightenment 2014 report.

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From the full palette, Dunn-Edwards identified four key trends that are rich in earthy colors, with threads of blue running throughout. See a slideshow of trending spaces at left. The trends include:

EN-ergy Deciphered: Inspired by the need to seek order from chaos, this palette is anchored in nature, inspired by warm stone coloring, mineral elements, and post-industrial neutrals with a worn look.

EN-joy the Memories: Reflecting on the pre-tech 1960s and 1970s, Dunn-Edwards calls this a "feel-good" palette with a playful take on color and lifestyle. Colors are inspired by Polaroid pictures, offering a vintage, light-filtered look.

En-chanting Utopia: With an abundance of intense color, this collection is inspired by global backdrops, including Sochi, Russia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Russian colors call to mind oily hues and textiles saturated and over-dyed with aged gold accents. Brazilian palettes are influenced by plumage and exotic prints, as well as sparkle and shine.

En-deavor the Cosmic Connection: In a hectic world, this palette of colors from the sea and sky offer a respite. Blues play a key role, and are inspired by natural elements, as well as watercolor surfaces and whitened blues representing wind, air, and clouds.

See the full  Simply Enlightened 2014 color and design trends report here. Dunn-Edwards | 888.337.2468 | dunnedwards.com

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