When Brad Cruickshank, Cruickshank Inc., designed a large addition for this Dutch colonial in Atlanta, the new space was to include a family room, office, guest bedroom, and garage. On top of the garage, he designed a space that includes a pool room, a balcony, and two "sleeping closets" along the side.

The smart addition of the sleeping areas means that there's plenty of space to accommodate more guests than the guest room can take. The closets each contain a built-in bed and nightstand. The beveled windows over each bed were found in the attic of the original house and were restored to fit into new frames prior to their installation. The wainscot around the bed and the trim match the paneling and beams in the pool room. And the double doors leading into each space can be closed off when not in use but provide an ample opening to make sure the space doesn't feel cramped.