Classroom Blower Door photo.  (PRNewsFoto/Corbett Lunsford)
Classroom Blower Door photo. (PRNewsFoto/Corbett Lunsford)

Sharpen your No. 2 pencils, prospective HERS Raters, and get ready to take some notes. Home Performance Diagnostics author Corbett Lunsford has launched the HERS Rater Exam Prep online training tool to supplement HERS Rater Training classes. "Rater Exam Prep has addressed a problem I'm reminded of constantly: that a week-long training is simply not enough," Lunsford says, referring to the hands-on sessions required by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) for anyone who wants to become a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater.

The online course features two 50-question practice exams, a realistic set of plans for a practice HERS rating, and personal video guidance from Lunsford, who says the prep course is designed to be challenging and frustrating, "just like real life."

The self-paced prep course can be helpful for candidates who may be out of the habit of test-taking, want more focused study time before taking the National Core Rater Exam, or just want to brush up on their skills. In addition to covering the testing curriculum, the prep course offers a closer look at details that the training session may not dive into. Lunsford adds that the supplemental test prep can help students pass rater exams the first time, helping to ensure a worthwhile investment overall. Rater Exam Prep |