Green is Beautiful: The Eco-Friendly House by Claudio Santini offers this architectural photographer’s perspective on sustainable housing. Santini and his wife purchased a sustainable home in 1997, and ever since then the photographer has been intrigued by green architecture.

This book takes readers on a tour of almost 30 projects — both remodeling work and new construction — in California. The photographer uses the projects to illustrate 10 principles of green building: daylighting, insulation, using existing buildings, passive shading, radiant heat, recycled materials, responsible siting, photovoltaics, passive solar, and ventilation.

Writer Dafna Zilafro details the green practices and products of each project. From Images Publishing.

Traditional American Rooms by Brent Hull and Christine G.H. Franck is a style source book of traditional detailing that uses the rooms of Winterthur, a du Pont family estate in Delaware, to illustrate style elements.

The 96,582-square-foot house, built in 1839 and renovated in 1902, was converted into a museum by Henry Francis du Pont to house his collection of American art and antiques. It opened to the public in 1951.

To provide perspective, Hull and Franck begin the book with a chapter on the classical origins of traditional architecture. Subsequent chapters analyze the moldings and millwork of some of the 175 period rooms with sketches of the cornices, wainscot, architraves, mantels, and chair rails. From Fox Chapel Publishing.