The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based market research firm, said the market for green roofing vegetation would reach $46.9 million within the next five years.

The upward trend reflects growing interest in vegetative roofing as a way of combating high urban temperatures in the summer and helping to control water runoff. San Francisco and Toronto are among the cities that have adopted vegetative roofing requirements in the last several years.

Plants are typically placed in some kind of growing medium over a waterproof membrane. Freedonia said the choice of vegetation depends on the climate and location of the building, the building's height, the structural load capacity, and whether the roof is intended for use as a recreational green space.

The demand for complete vegetative roofing systems also is expected to increase 11% annually per year, to a total of $278 million in 2023. The roofs will cover a projected 16.9 million square feet.

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