Discovered cases of novel coronavirus Covid-19 are beginning to increase across North America. As the virus continues to spread, Remodelers Advantage suggests it is time to think about how the virus may affect your business, employees, and clients. While there is no vaccine or antiviral medications for the virus, many of those infected by the virus will have non-threatening complications. However, the virus is still highly contagious and it is important to take as many preventative steps as possible.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued interim guidance for businesses and employers. The CDC recommends actively encouraging sick employees to stay home. This may mean implementing flexible sick-leave policies, and plans for potential absenteeism, including:

  • Creating flexible sick-leave policies that do not penalize employees for staying home when sick
  • Not requiring a healthcare provider’s note for sick employees—doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals may be too busy for that
  • Allow your employees to stay home to care for sick family members
  • Give your office staff the flexibility to work from home
  • If an employee becomes ill at work, they should be separated and sent home

At the Job Site
Equip your field crew with cleaning supplies, disposable wipes, and hand sanitizer for use in vehicles and on-site. Review good hygiene practices for your field team and have your lead carpenter or project manager enforce them for your team and all subs on site. And it’s an ugly job, but designate someone to be responsible for ensuring the surfaces on portable toilets are clean at the job site—contact with fecal matter from an infected person may transmit the virus. So provide disinfecting hand wipes.

Check Your Cash Flow
Any disruptions in your job schedules mean fewer payments coming in. We advise having enough liquid assets available equal to between four to six month’s worth of overhead—something to get you through in case of a dry spell or an emergency. If you don’t have enough cash on hand to get the company through a lean period, it’s time to get your financial house in order.

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