Throughout the remodeling process, there are many opportunities for miscommunication, says Donna Dorman, co-owner of Dorman Builders, in Mount Airy, Md. To avoid confusion, Dorman uses Builder­Trend Web-based construction management software to eliminate what she calls the “he-said, she-said aspect” of remodeling.

Dorman has been using BuilderTrend for a year and says she finds it particularly handy for sales and for communicating with clients.

Looks Like Your Site

Geared toward small- to medium-size companies, BuilderTrend allows users — employees, clients, and trade partners — to access relevant project information via a login that’s placed on the remodeler’s website.

And, Dorman says, because “[BuilderTrend] uses our logo and colors ... it looks like [our clients] never left our page. We don’t want customers to feel like they go to an external place to see their information.”

Each user is given a unique username and password. Once logged in, trades can check scheduling and other job information, and clients can check on their project’s progress. “It adds value, helps us show customers that we are on the forefront of technology, and [it is] free of charge to them,” Dorman says.

According to Dan Houghton, co-founder of BuilderTrend, “the builder picks and chooses what information to share with the parties involved — anything from schedules to documents, blueprints, photos, change orders, selections, through warranty and service.”

Pricing is based on volume, so you pay by project. Dorman says, “We [figure] we are going to put so many jobs on BuilderTrend and we then buy that number of jobs each year. It’s done in terms of volume and sales. We like that, too, because we won’t put every single job on it, just when it would be most beneficial.”

And BuilderTrend isn’t difficult to use. “If you can e-mail, you should have no problem using the site,” Houghton says, adding that the company pays close attention to what its users say. “When we get feedback, we offer the option to update [builders’] websites immediately. Our clients have a high level of satisfaction.”