courtesy Kenergy Solar

Ken Stadlin, president of Kenergy Solar, in Millersville, Md., and his client hosted a party at her house after he completed a solar panel installation. “[It] was a great opportunity to celebrate solar,” says consultant Alison Friedman, vice president of marketing at Greenavise, who helped to organize the event for Kenergy. “It was a pretty big, successful event, and [Kenergy is] getting more business from the party.”

The idea for the event came from the client, who wanted to invite her friends and neighbors to see the project. Friedman says the invitation was very cute and read, “Come to my house and watch the meter spin backwards.”

About 40 people attended the party, held on a Sunday afternoon, with snacks and sandwiches. It was purposefully casual with no displays, so guests wouldn’t feel like they were being sold. “It was more about celebrating solar,” Friedman says.

Stadlin talked about the project and invited questions. Most questions were about the technology, manufacturers, and financing. “Right now is a great time to buy solar, especially in D.C. with the [local] grants that are available,” Stadlin says. “There is a huge pay-off for customers to act quickly.”

This was Kenergy’s first solar party, and the company plans to do more events like it.

—Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.