Today’s kitchens are a marriage of modern-day mechanicals and storage methods with colonial and Victorian roots. Iceboxes, Hoosier cabinets, larders, and sculleries join with wall ovens, cooktops, plumbed coffee makers, refrigerators, dishwashers, range hoods that need makeup air, and countless other countertop appliances to create a space that is an expression of the cook’s workflow methods. For a homeowner entering a beautifully designed and well-appointed kitchen, it is easy to view the cabinets and their smoothly operating accessories as the heart and soul of the space, but any carpenter who has had to alter existing wall framing without damaging the wall finish on the opposing side to duct a range hood knows otherwise. The success of a kitchen remodel or install depends on perfectly laid-out mechanicals. Whether you are a jack of all trades who executes every step of a kitchen remodel or the lead carpenter overseeing a whole-house remodel, knowing the design and equipment specifications is critical to setting yourself or your team up for success.

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