The crew carefully load a granite countertop into the truck from a home in Westchester County, N.Y.
Green Demolitions The crew carefully load a granite countertop into the truck from a home in Westchester County, N.Y.

The economy’s effect on all consumers has meant that even remodelers with high-end clients are having difficulty getting those clients to commit. Connecting with a business such as Green Demolitions might help.

Donate or Discount

Begun six years ago by Steve Feldman, a former senior marketing manager for Clear Channel radio and a recovered addict, Green Demolitions has a nonprofit and a for-profit arm. The nonprofit,, operates the donation program, which offers tax savings to clients of building industry professionals.

Donations include high-end kitchens and baths as well as architectural elements, lighting, doors, windows, even heating and cooling systems. Along with a tax deduction, clients will see reduced disposal fees.

The for-profit,, removes and trucks the products to one of three East Coast showrooms, where it sells them at a deep discount. Green Demolitions stores also offer a consignment program on surplus inventory to the kitchen, bath, and construction industry pros who pay a royalty to the nonprofit arm.

“Working with us can help remodelers close the deal by having [clients] save money either by donating [and getting the tax deduction] or by buying at a discount,” Feldman says.

Consumers or remodelers can visit a showroom or buy online, and GD will ship anywhere within the 50 states.

Helping Others

Feldman was a recovering addict when he saw a luxury home being gutted and had the idea to reuse the materials and to support the organization that helped him get his life back. About 40% of GD’s office workforce have been in rehab or are relatives of those in recovery. The main headquarters is in Hankins, N.Y., home to a 77-acre retreat center supported in part by GD, which offers help for addicts of all kinds. Proceeds benefit the outreach programs based on the Twelve-Step Program of All Addicts Anonymous.

Selling Point

One recent example: A brand new uninstalled $225,000 Bentwood luxury kitchen sold for $50,000. “The customer had plenty of money left over to get the appliances, flooring, and countertops she wanted,” founder Steve Feldman says.

—Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING.