In space-constrained designs, every square inch is precious. With that in mind, Kalamazoo, Mich., remodeler Bob DeHaan found a clever solution to his clients' desire for both a spacious remodeled dining room and custom cabinetry, reaching beyond the footprint without building an addition.

DeHaan added a 3-foot bump out just for the storage space, allowing the 6 foot, 11 inch-wide cabinets to be built right into the wall and saving all of the dining room's floor space.

"The upstairs is canitilevered 16 inches," DeHaan says, "and we went out 16 inches plus the 20-inch bump out, so we added quite a bit of space." A palladian window added above the cabinet provides natural light for the dining room — and a perfect spot for a recessed light to illuminate the cabinets.

DeHaan, president of DeHaan Remodeling Specialists, says the fact that the original exterior brick had been painted simplified the project; he only had to find new brick that matched in texture, then add a new coat of paint.