CURBED's Lauren Ro shares a look at the Rosebery House, which was designed by Andresen O’Gorman Architects in 1995, and is located in a secluded grove in Brisbane, Australia.

Its screen-like facade—made of wood slats— both shields the home while also creating the illusion of it disappearing into the landscape. The modern residence is composed of three two-story pavilions united by the “super-scale trellis”, and a series of hallways and stairwells.

It’s adaptable, too, with the four bedrooms—plus two bathrooms—located on two floors in the northern pavilion able to be arranged according to life-stage. The main living area is found on the upper floor of the southern pavilion, where the dining area and kitchen are separated from the lounge by an expansive “living deck.” Better yet, the lounge opens onto a wide window seat by way of a sliding battened panel screen that renders the barrier between indoor and outdoor invisible.

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