Gallagher Remodeling

Belmont, Mass.

Design/build remodeling

17 years in business

2002 volume: $1.3 million

Staff: 3 office, 4 field

Nearly two decades in business have afforded Roger Gallagher the opportunity to give back. His passion for his community and his craft has landed him at spelling bees and on local television programs about remodeling.

His company works with outside designers on $40,000 to $125,000 design/build projects, mostly for young families who appreciate intensive customer care.

Gallagher's insistence on continuing education has led to two carpenters earning their CLC designations. He believes in educating the public, as well, and has taught adult education classes on choosing the right contractor.

After pulling duty as youth hockey association president next year, Roger's stint as president of NARI of Eastern Massachusetts in 2004 should be easy -- if he's elected. His NARI involvement runs back seven years. He's been instrumental in working with NARI and NAHB to get legislators to require contractor education credits, which would weed out less professional operators. "Setting standards and adhering to them is the best way to take care of our customers," Gallagher says.