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Remodeling companies spend lots of money annually to drive prospective clients to their websites and landing pages. Yet so many offer links that direct users away from their website. Around three-quarters of websites risk potentially sending prospects away by including social media buttons and links that direct users away from the website, Dave Kelley writes for Remodelers Advantage. Kelley says while removing social media may make companies look less legitimate, the way it is presented is vitally important. He shares several things to keep in mind when integrating social media on websites.

Share vs. Send: Whether it’s your gallery, an article, or a blog post, giving your website visitors the ability to share your content on THEIR social media WITHOUT LEAVING your content can be a huge asset in driving traffic to specific areas of your website.

Video Leaks: Video is a fantastic way to present dynamic, engaging and compelling content, especially testimonials. Just be careful how you embed the video into your website. If your video window includes a YouTube logo in the lower right-hand corner or at the end of your video, there is a collage of “other videos like this one” and you just opened the exit door and invited your prospect to leave.

Location, Location: If you must include social media buttons, perhaps instead of a global element on the header or footer, only present them on the “contact us” page of your website. They are there if needed for legitimacy, but they aren’t in the prospect’s face on every page, tempting them to leave.

Open a Window: If you must have these links to social assets on your website, PLEASE code the link to open a new tab or window in your browser and not just navigate away… never to be seen again.

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