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Levelset, a payment paperwork and compliance software provider for construction contractors, has rallied members of its construction attorney network to provide free consultations with contractors on topics related to the COVID-19 outbreak and recession.

Available attorneys include Chris Ng (California), Robert Lovein (Texas), Andrea Goldman (Massachusetts), Jason Lambert (Florida), and Levelset’s staff attorneys, among others listed here. Contractors are invited to contact the attorneys directly or post an anonymous question on Levelset’s Ask an Expert Center.

"During these uncertain times, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers will likely begin to see a delay in receiving progress and final payments on their projects,” says Lovein, who is a Texas construction attorney with 23 years of experience. “To protect your unpaid invoices, now is the time to start sending your preliminary notices and filing liens. This is the most effective and cost-efficient way to increase the probability of being paid.”

Additional Levelset industry tools for contractor use during the pandemic include a downloadable coronavirus PDF checklist for cash protection, free software to protect payments and track liens through the end of April, and webinars on getting paid during delayed and canceled projects.

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