Rather than tossing delicates into a rough-and-tumble washing machine, jetted laundry sinks eliminate agitators, cleaning hand-knits, laces, and other fragile garments with bubbles in the style of an air bath.

The Jentle Jet sink from MTI Whirlpools (left) is available with an optional 10-minute timer that will automatically turn off the jets, and the sink can also be fitted with a Pop-up Drain Kit so it can be drained with the turn of a knob, without the user having to reach into the water.

Aquatic's Delicair Laundry Basin (below) features an automatic purge-and-dry cycle, a 30-minute timer, and a variable-speed blower for a wide range of fabric weights.

Though they can be a helpful addition to busy laundry rooms, users of jetted sinks should consider using low-sudsing soap when washing, to avoid bubble overflow.

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