Ask Jeff Sawyer and Matt Powers why they started TruNorth Construction and they’ll probably say, in unison, “relationships.” So it makes sense that their relationship is at the core of the business, and it’s all thanks to a drywall matchmaker.

When the two were introduced, Sawyer had been working in commercial remodeling and construction for about 15 years and Powers had been working in residential remodeling for about the same. “We decided to try a couple projects together and it went very well,” says Sawyer, who like Powers is the company’s president and owner. “We haven’t slowed down since we started, and it’s been working out great. We’ve become best friends through this.”

Check out one of the duo’s many Facebook videos and you can see their chemistry firsthand. “We love what we do, and we have fun doing it, so we want people to see that side of us, while hopefully learning about the type of work we produce,” Sawyer says. “We’re serious when we need to be, but we enjoy being around each other. Our customers see that, and I think it helps us.”

The two say that kind of HGTV-style video marketing is especially effective with millennials. “They get to meet us before actually meeting us in a way, and it breaks down that barrier of the typical contractor. That helps with sales and getting our foot in the door,” Sawyer says.

But there’s more to their success than fun videos. A suite of technology—Buildertrend, TSheets, OneDrive—keeps the work running efficiently and customers in the loop. When jobs are finished, customers receive a personalized gift basket, followed up with a handwritten thank-you note. The company also sponsors the Little League and hockey teams Powers coaches as well as other community causes. “We don’t hammer people with advertising, but when we do reach out, it’s authentic, and I think people appreciate that,” Sawyer says.