No one knows better than Ryan Garcilazo that investors and contractors are often at odds. That’s because for years as a major Chicago-area house flipper, Garcilazo was the contractor dealing with unrealistic investors. “People watch TV all day long and all that stuff is bullsh*t,” he says. “All they’re doing is taking numbers and making it look easy, and it’s not.”

But rather than get mad about it, Garcilazo decided to capitalize on it.

“For a decade, I took advantage of my clients because they didn’t know what they were doing,” he admits. “But I decided it would be better and smarter to help them. … Everybody learns how to flip houses from the outside in. We teach them how to flip houses from the inside out.”

The “we” Garcilazo is referring to is The Rehab Depot, essentially an online boot camp for investors who want to understand the ins and outs of construction, or as Garcilazo colorfully puts it: “We teach the game of contracting. That’s the golden nugget.”

Actually, a lot of what Garcilazo does is “unteach” what investors think they know from watching home-flipping shows. “The moment you buy a property, you have an asset and the clock starts ticking,” he says. “We teach the real business of what it takes to be a house flipper, and it can only come from a contractor.”

Although sales are still less than a million, Garcilazo, who also does a podcast called Flipthatsh*t, says the scalability of The Rehab Depot combined with the demand will quickly change that. “It is so easy with what we’re doing because our industry needs it,” he says. “We should probably do almost a million in sales this year. This thing is going to be astronomical.”