Until a few years ago, Innovative Construction was anything but innovative when it came to business operations. “The company started with one person in 2000 and many of the systems and processes still functioned that way until we joined Remodelers Advantage in 2016,” admits owner Clark Harris. “When we joined, we were asked, ‘What’s your profit and loss and balance sheet look like?’ And I’m like, ‘My what?’”

Now, not only does Harris keep tight tabs on those figures, but he also has transformed his former one-man band into a “machine that does not depend on one person.” Part of that machine is an open-book management system that lets everyone know all company revenue figures save for individual salaries. Harris then teaches his employees how to read profit and loss statements as well as keep budgets. The company also invests 2% of its revenues toward training—a hefty $80,000 this year.

“We treat everyone like a team member,” he says. “People work with me, not for me. Before, I tried to be the answer for everyone. Now, I’m really trying to make it so everyone is empowered to think for themselves.”

This team focus creates a top-notch customer service experience that starts the day crews show up on site, always with an aim to be courteous and clean. Clients also receive a detailed scope of work and milestone billings, so they know when they’ll be charged for what. A suite of technology applications including Buildertrend ensures the communication flows smoothly among the team and clients.

“We are a client-driven company that’s relentlessly focused on improving our customer experience,” Harris says. “It is not our goal to be the best remodeling experience a customer has had. It is our goal to be the best customer experience they have ever experienced.”