Wiser knows a thing or two about specializing. The company’s employees each work on only one aspect of the project and are therefore experts in their section.

“Simply put, our window installers install windows. Our painters paint. Having experts on hand ensures the job is always done correctly and efficiently,” says Tara Pagano, Wiser’s marketing and finance manager. Pagano believes that the specialist model helps create great customer satisfaction and keeps clients returning with new projects.

In addition, Wiser is a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor. Pagano says Wiser works closely with Marvin not only to offer products at a great price, but also to create education opportunities for Wiser’s staff. Pagano says the staff is trained both in a classroom setting and in hands-on installation. That helps Wiser employees provide customer service starting with the sales process all the way through installation.

The specialization is helping Wiser do something right. The company had most of its operations in New York and recently moved into the Fairfield County, Conn., market. For now, Pagano says, the company plans to expand into this market.

Another secret to its success is a “continued relationship with clients,” Pagano says. She says one family has had their roof replaced by Wiser in the 1960s, 1980s, and in 2017. Each replacement was led by a different generation.