Announcing that you plan to be the “Tesla of the remodeling industry” creates high expectations. But Treeium, a company as eco-friendly as its name implies, says it’s high time those expectations were raised.

“We want to give the customer an exceptional customer service experience,” says marketing director Seda Kirakosyan. “That’s not something they get much in this industry.”

Giving an exceptional experience starts with robust technology that lets customers and contractors alike track projects. Unlike many remodelers that use out-of-the-box project management software, Treeium uses its own proprietary system. That’s only fitting for a company whose CEO, Moty Ginsburg, worked in the tech industry for 10 years before starting his new company.

“In any business, communication is key, but especially in construction,” Kirakosyan says. “So technology allows us to communicate very well with our customers.”

That communication starts early. Another proprietary technology system allows the company to connect with leads in less than a minute via phone, email, and text—and turns 40% of leads into appointments. “We’re very good at converting the lead,”

Kirakosyan says. He estimates the industry’s average conversion is around 25%.

But true to its name and its ethos, Treeium isn’t just about business. The company plants a tree for every project it completes—more than 2,000 a year. And its give-back program helps those less fortunate in the community.