Building great relationships with customers is important to The Dan Company. That’s why the company says it focuses on what customers need instead of what they want.

“We provide them with a place to talk about their long-term goals while achieving short-term needs,” says Adam Griffith, the company’s account manager. “This helps us develop a very important relationship and ensures our success in keeping customers for life rather than for just one job.”

The full-service remodeling firm further aids customers by offering flexible schedules. Staff talk with clients about what their needs will be throughout the remodel—hot water, running water, laundry capabilities, and the like. Each family requires something different, Griffith says, and the company tries to make sure it accommodates each one as much as possible. In addition, the company reviews with the client what needs to happen each Friday so that the client is prepared for the weekend.

The Dan Company is also investing in its employees. Though the company doesn’t currently offer health insurance, it is looking to do so by 2019. To help prepare for the additional costs, Griffith says the company is “categorizing [its] pricing structure as if [it currently is] costing for health benefits.”

“Our carpenters and painters and handypersons work hard every day and should be afforded a future that positively promotes their trade and allows them to provide for their families in every way possible,” Griffith says.